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Development and Prospect of LED lamps

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LED early is dominated by monochromatic light, although the power is small, the price is high, but its high reliability, strong control, small volume, so the first emerging market of electronic devices is the indicator lamp. With the gradual development of LED lighting, lighting engineering in auxiliary lighting and other public places, LED lighting gradually replace traditional light source products. In 2009, LED lighting in developed countries began to enter the main lighting popularity. The market for LED lighting products have a certain recognized and accepted. LED lighting environmental protection, small volume, high reliability and other characteristics gradually emerged.

With the gradual development of LED lighting, the lighting engineering auxiliary lighting and other public places, LED gradually replace some of the traditional light source products. In 2009, LED began to enter the main lighting popularity in developed countries. The electricity is high, the use of longer commercial applications, LED lighting market is rapidly becoming the new favorite.

The development of LED lighting, Strategies Unlimited Optoelectronics Division is responsible for BobSteELe in the light of the strategy (Strategiesin Light) "speech on the meeting, and high brightness (HB:high-brightness) LED component market is forecasted. In 2011, specifically, in the next five years, the field of backlight market prospects, and more and more ordinary lamps in the prediction showed strong growth momentum.

The forecast focuses on the packaging of LED market. In general, BobSteele predicted that in 2010, LED market share will increase 53% to $8 billion 200 million. By 2014, the average annual growth rate of LED composite market (CAGR) will increase to 30.6%, to $20 billion 200 million.

The life cycle analysis of LED lamp based on the cost, compared with the same LED lighting efficiency of traditional lamps, has LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp full cycle are significantly lower than the cost of traditional lighting, has obvious competitive advantage. The life cycle cost of LED straight tube lights with the traditional lighting flat, is expected in 2012 will show more obvious cost advantages, promote the real alternative to the use of now. In outdoor lighting, LED lamp for replacing 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, LED lamp, tunnel lamp cost should be less than the cost of conventional lighting, the cost gap is about 30% left right, LED lights and tunnel competitive advantage has been shown. According to the development trend of LED lighting lamp prices continue to decrease, and constantly improve the performance, expected in 2013, most of the LED lamp life week period comprehensive cost will be significantly lower than the traditional lighting lamps, become the mainstream.

As the field of lighting the bright younger generation is very bright prospects, LED lamp. In addition to Bandung Huiyang lighting stores represented many businesses and LED their promotion, the relevant government departments also vigorously promote the development of the LED industry. In 2009, the State Ministry of science and Technology launched called "semiconductor lighting demonstration city for ten city lights", in the first round of the 21 developed city promotion LED lights, second stage in 50 city to install 2 million LED lights, to achieve the goal of saving 1 billion years.

The application of LED lighting market in China has already begun, is expected with the domestic LED lighting products subsidies and other policies to support the introduction and implementation of domestic LED lighting applications market will have a rapid growth in recent years. With the continuous decrease of semiconductor lighting continued to improve product performance and manufacturing cost, but also related with the application environment, improve the industrial environment such as standards, product certification and testing, engineering design and application demonstration and relevant policy, LED lighting applications will maintain a high growth rate in the 2011-2015 period. According to the calculation of lighting data, is expected in 2015 in the Ming according to market share will increase to about 30%, become the mainstream lighting one of the most competitive.

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