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Brief introduction of LED fluorescent lamp

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LED (Light Emitting Diode), light emitting diode, mainly composed of a bracket, silver glue, epoxy resin, gold chip, five kinds of materials.

LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) Chinese for light emitting diode) is a kind of can be converted to electrical energy of the semiconductor, it changed the tungsten filament incandescent light and hair energy-saving lamp luminous powder and the principle of three primary colors, electroluminescence. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED is very obvious, long service life, high light efficiency, low radiation and low power consumption. White LED spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible light band , its luminous efficiency can be more than 150lm/W (2010). LED and the ordinary incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and T5 three spiral fluorescent lamp were compared, results show that the optical efficiency of ordinary incandescent lamp life is 12lm/W, less than 2000 hours, the light effect of spiral energy-saving lamp for 60lm/W, life expectancy of less than 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamp is 96lm/W, life is about 10000 hours. and 5 mm diameter white LED light effect theory can be more than 150lm/W, life can be more than 100000. It was also predicted that the LED life in the future will be infinite limit. With the recent improvement of LED cooling technology, high power LED lights, outdoor lighting lamp and high power LED lighting has been industrialized production and began to be widely used. The color temperature and color demanding indoor lighting lamps, lights and other dance studio has achieved mass production and application. Applicable scope of the largest, is also the largest amount of general lighting T8, T5, T4, and replace the incandescent lamp lamp and energy-saving lamp bulb screw to form a series, the life has up to 50 thousand hours. LED lighting has entered the high-speed development period.

The brightness of the LED is the inevitable relationship with the light angle LED, LED angle is small and its brightness is high, not what super bright not super bright, it was cheating children, if everyone is brightness of good quality LED whatever LED manufacturers are almost the same, but the production process is not the same, the service life is slightly different, because we are using that several foreign LED chip. If the luminous intensity of the white LED180 angle 5MM only a few hundred MCD, if the intensity of 15 degrees to ten thousand Duoliangwan MCD, the light intensity difference several times, if it is used for lighting, in the household outside is better for high power LED, the brightness is higher, a single power 1W, 3W, 5W, and is used more power into a combination of high power LED, power to hundreds of W.

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