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The difference between LED tube and ordinary fluorescent lamp

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LED lamp is using thousands of LED lamp is connected to all parts of non fragile components, high brightness, long service life, and the fluorescent lamp belongs to ordinary glass products is fragile, low brightness, high power consumption compared with LED lamp. LED lamp using pure electronic light, the light is a cold light source, is a direct conversion of electric energy into light energy electronic products, and part of the Aluminum Alloy, PC cover.

The ordinary fluorescent lamp is the lamp line into the glass tube, is a kind of electrical energy into heat energy and then convert thermal energy into a light emitting light, light conversion after the chemical substances in the tube will be issued for the required color line.

One such:

The LED lamp brightness can reach 100-120LM/W, and the brightness of the fluorescent light is 45-55LM/W, so the brightness of speaking, the brightness of LED lamp is two times of the ordinary fluorescent lamp, power shortage in the fluorescent light under the same brightness LED lamp needs two points for this, so the power consumption it is less than half of ordinary fluorescent lamp.

Two life:

The LED lamp lamp life of more than 50000 hours in the laboratory test, applied to the LED lamp, with power and grid loss, the service life is 40000 hours or more. While the ordinary fluorescent lamp in the design, the service life is 5000 hours, and with the loss and grid impact, life in general about 3000-4000 hours.

Three anti vibration:

That belongs to the LED lamp light source, at work will generate heat, and the heat is LED lamp is not needed, so the LED lamp will use Aluminum Alloy as LED lamp housing which play heat, also played a supporting role. The surface cover by PC, which can be provided with good transparency, and collision avoidance. The fluorescent light heat is high, the brightness is bigger, and the transparent glass tube and sealing strong, so the common fluorescent lamp with glass tube as the shell. As long as the micro force will be damaged.

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