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IC light strip

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1. Environmental protection and safety: High-quality ultra-bright LED light-emitting diode, low power consumption, low heat generation, low voltage power supply, high safety and reliability.

2. Colors are rich and varied: full-color products after the preparation of controllers can be interchangeable in three and seven colors.
3. Long life: The average life is 50,000 hours.
4. Easy and free cutting and welding: You can cut and weld all kinds of lamp length according to the above cutting mark.
5. Softness: The flexible FPCB board is used as the base plate, which can be docked, bent, cut and fixed on the concave and convex surface at will.
6. Light and thin: suitable for installation in narrow space.
7. This soft light bar has a lot of changing effects. It can realize more than 100 different changing effects in the controller, such as flickering, chasing, jumping, clockwise running, counterclockwise running, monochrome running, discolored running, single chasing from beginning to end, running water, simulating lightning and so on.

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