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You should know the 6 LED lamp driver!

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The source of tube complexity, largely related with cooling. "Hot" is LED and the power supply (usually called drive) the enemy. The driver and the LED generates heat. In addition, the specific implementation of LED lamp driver is likely to be the products of different manufacturers are different factors. In this paper, small series will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of six LED lamp driver, correct lighting solutions for customer provided in application program.

A parallel installation drive

The parallel with the tube length direction of the way to install the built-in driver, is the most commonly used architecture. Its advantages include high awareness of the market and significantly lower prices etc..

But there are many disadvantages of the scheme. With the LED printed circuit board (PCB) parallel assembly, make the drive heat generated by the LED device will be damaged in some cases. The result is the color, (or) efficiency and reduce the service life and other performance indicators. In fact, the product may not be completely failure, but it is not acceptable. In and drive overlapping area, parallel drive will have a negative impact on LED phosphor coating. Light color change can lead to inconsistencies between the tubes, and the ceiling on the total lighting aesthetics is not harmonious, so far, it has so many buyers to dispel the idea of buying.

In addition, there are some other disadvantages. When the parallel drive failure integration after the tube itself is scrapped, the result is to throw away and replace the entire product. Moreover, this design does not always support the dimming function. In addition, also asked the electrician in the installation of the original ballast bypass. The light output quality doesn't pass the problems often occur. With the advent of pipe insulation technology advances, the first generation of lamp design has been basically obsolete.

At the end of two, thermal drive

A method of thermal isolation is placed in the drive cover parts of the lamp tube end, away from the LED device. This design than the parallel tube driver has superior thermal performance significantly, the prices have come down.

Although the heat generated by the driver is isolated, but because the integrated drive is not removable drive effect still can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire product. In addition, like parallel products, dimming function is not always available, still need to bypass the electrician to install ballast products.

Three, the driver can replace the insulation

Compared with the previous two schemes, advantages of this driver is that the user can repair the failure of the tube, without the need to replace the entire. In fact, when a drive failure, can easily be replaced, sometimes, for some products, even without the secant operation, not including LED, the whole lamp. The disadvantage is the same with the first two programs.

Four, compatible ballast driver

So far, the LED lamp is often referred to the disadvantage is the need of the original ballast for bypass treatment. Ballast compatible driver, also known as the "plug and play" drive, to solve this problem. This lamp fluorescent lamp just stuck into the "tablet" type joint, no need to install electrical.

However, similarly, shortcomings still exist. If the original fluorescent lamp is broken, the user would have to buy a new change, the general need to install electrical. Wattage lamp LED lamp is usually higher than other types, because the load borne by the ballast.

Five, insulation and drive directly to the power supply pin

The advantages include the best advantage, drive heat radiation, the driver is not restricted by space, and manufacturers can through a variety of ways to join the dimming and other control functions only. If the drive is broken can be replaced; the user did not have to discard LED devices containing the whole lamp tube.

The disadvantage is the need to be replaced by the electrical ballast LED drive. In addition, the external lamp driver is generally higher than the built-in lamp price. If the socket joint damage, need to be replaced, with built-in lamp as driver.

Six, insulation and drive directly to the lamp power supply

Similarly, the benefit is the best and has advantage of heat dissipation, dimming and other control functions only possible. The driver can still change, users do not need to discard LED devices containing the whole lamp tube.

Not because of the power supply through the base joint twenty direct access tube, disassembly work, flexible installation position of the lamp in the lamp inside. In addition, if the joint damage, do not need to be replaced. In order to get subsidies, some utilities will love this driver and the LED lamp module is connected or the way, do not want to use the needs voltage into existing socket joints, colleagues and incompatible driver with built-in lamp ballast.

The disadvantage is mainly reflected in the cost, need to be replaced by electrical ballast driver. Normally, need to install the personnel in the lamp assembly to a fixed lamp bracket. At the same time, the products are generally more expensive than the built-in lamp driver.

With all these technologies and the improvement of the decline in prices, 2015 has become a flashpoint for LED lamp. However, the use of the LED lamp market than in Europe and Asia as well, partly due to the drive scheme of chaos.

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